Adventure Hook – Errand for a Butcher

You receive word that a local butcher is in need of hearty adventurers who will perform a service. The man has little to offer in the way of gold, but he does have information on the whereabouts of a lost fortune; once, decades ago, the butcher was the torchbearer of a warrior and knows where the slain hero’s magic shield is hidden.

The butcher, Merek Goatson, needs someone to help him recover a missing ring that his wife gave to him before she died. The ring was taken in a card game two weeks ago and Goatson is certain that he was swindled in the game. If you choose to assist him in reclaiming the ring, you will need to visit Jarren Half-Eye, a local ruffian who is called a cheat and liar by many if the party asks about his reputation.

Jarren Half-Eye is an aging half-orc, elderly but still strong and healthy. He surrounds himself with a gang of criminals, children who are either orphans or are rebelling against their parents. If the player characters are not subtle when investigating the situation, Half-Eye learns of them and sends a band of the young thugs to “deal with the strangers.”

If it comes down to a fight, Half-Eye’s miscreants flee at the first sign of blood. As for the half-orc, he is more a coward than a fighter; he surrunders the instant he suffers any significant damage in a fight.

Artwork copyright Indie Conquest, used with permission.