Adventure Hook – Defense Against the Unknown

Outside of a small village in the distant mountains of the kingdom, the adventurers are met by villagers armed with spears, slings, and farming tools and ordered to turn back. The people of the village have no interest in whatever troubles the party may carry with them.

If the heroes press the matter, insisting on an explanation for why they are unwelcome, their efforts are without value unless one of their number happens to succeed at a reaction of relevant skill check. Over the course of talking with the villagers, the party learns that the people have lost several of their number in the last few months as other adventuring parties have lured the teens away to serve as torchbearers and lackeys. Now, just as the heroes enter the scene, the villagers have had enough.

Will the heroes honor the wishes of the village and turn back, or will they offer to seek out and return as many of the missing teens as possible? If the latter, the village throws a grand celebration and offers the heroes rewards for every returned teen. The rewards are minor (at most, a few copper pieces per returned person), but the gesture is sincere and the best that the village can offer.

If the player characters follow through, they will have allies for life.

Artwork copyright Indie Conquest, used with permission.