Adventure Hook – Assist a Fellow Adventurer?

You and your party encounter Gloriana Gray, a powerful fighter who is seeking assistance in defeating a small tribe of goblins. Will you join her in this adventure?

There are 1d3 goblins for each member in your party, plus one goblin warrior. The tribe is a day’s ride down the road, and they have moved into an old tower. The goblins will not fight to the death; they flee if one-half their number are killed.

Gloriana was hired by a local lord who is paying a bounty for each goblin nose returned to him. She tries to keep this a secret from the party.

If discovered, Gloriana first tries to include the adventurers in the arrangement and share the rewards. Not surprisingly, though, she will take any avalable opportunity to cut her new “partners” out of the deal and pocket the bounty for herself.

Artwork copyright Indie Conquest, used with permission.